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The first social ecosystem that will allow to make available all the advantages of blockchain technology, qualitatively changing the conditions of interaction between investors, freelancers and startups. At the Illuminates will be collected the best solutions and tools for the development of professionals and the implementation of the most revolutionary ideas

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What we offer

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    Startups ecosystem: Startups ecosystem

    With Illuminates platform, you will receive the list of powerful tools that help to turn your ideas into reality and get funded. By using of our platform you can build up facts related reputation as an entrepreneur, who can create cutting edge innovative products. At the same time, by using platform functionality, founder could find those who will help implement a particular project using freelance marketplace.

    Corporations, venture funds and angels investors will get a guaranteed and secured access to a large pool of verified startups with detailed information about team members and their experience.

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    Funds: Funds

    Platform aims to deliver best investments opportunities and functionality for tokenized investment vehicles. Funds functionality is one of the key elements of the platform that create strong synergy with other platform elements like startups and trading.

    Contributors can easily track all fund operations inside the platform using Illuminates facts tracking technology, or buy/sell fund tokens on the exchange anytime.

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    Trades: Trades

    The most of the platform functionality uses cryptocurrency as a main payment instrument, so our goal was to provide most flexible and transparent instrument for exercise p2p trading.

    Illuminates DEX brings new level of transparency for users due to its unique architecture, that also allows to add new functionality without migrating funds.

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    Freelance marketplace: Freelance marketplace

    Using Illuminates new technology, we are developing a next generation freelance marketplace. Using this marketplace the high-skilled workers will receive an ability to proof their reputation and expertise.

    From the other side, customers will be sure that workers, they chosen to work with, have proven expertise level and success rating.

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    E-commerce marketplaces: E-commerce marketplaces

    Varieties of instruments that help every user to buy or sell any type of goods, software products and services. With illuminates marketplace users could create simple product card or even separate b2c ecommerce stores with online website constructor.

    The types of marketplaces that platform will support are follow : C2C marketplace, B2C marketplace, Conferences and events marketplace, advertisements marketplace, IT software marketplace.

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    Business social media: Business social media

    Illuminates business social media will help the users to check each other work experience and connect the professionals to increase their productivity and make them even more successful.

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    Illuminates API’s: Illuminates API’s

    The next phase of the platform growth will be developing of Illuminates API’s.

    The first API that will be developed will provide B2B users ability to use Illuminates database on their web services. E-commerce store owners will receive an ability to show product cards from Illuminates platform on their own web site for example.

    Next API that will be developed will provide the functionality to join Illuminates unique reputation system of users to any website.

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    ERP modules: ERP modules

    Illuminates development team planning to update and develop new modules for existing ERP systems.

    The main goal of developing those modules are makes the existing ERP systems more transparent using Illuminates unique facts proving system and various blockchain solutions.


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Our Team

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    Volodymyr Malyshkin


    Professional ICO adviser, blockchain and fintech expert, seasoned business analyst with more than 10 years of experience in the IT business. for tokenization, meaningful blockchain incorporation and business model design in numerous ICOs launched by Illuminates team. Developer of uniques universal tool for fundraising by ICO or any crowdfunded startup.

    Volodymyr has a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence as well as profound experience in AR/VR technologies realization and application.

    Volodymyr is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully funded not only IT and ICO companies, but also skill learning courses for graphic designers, programmers and language learning courses.

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    Nikolai Zhulinskyi


    Nikolai is a passionate PHP Enthusiast with over 5 years of professional experience in software, information, networking and internet systems development in PHP.

    He has a hands-on experience in leading of all the stages of system development. He has a background in frontend and UI development using modern technologies and frameworks.

    Nikolai is well-skilled in database design, system architecture design, design patterns and components decomposition.

    Technology evaluation, business requirements' analysis, problem solving, communication and time management skills – are the main strengths of Nikolai’s personality

  • photo

    Anton Kovalev


    Business analyst with more than 3 years experience in IT - sphere and above 1 year with blockchain projects. Anton has great analytical thinking, leadership and communication skills combined with a decent knowledge of internet marketing.

    His responsibilities include a full range of activities from leading small to mid-size projects to assisting other project managers on larger more complex projects related to operational business functions that affect team members and providers at the market level.

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    Oleksandr Danylenko

    CHIEF Blockchain DEVELOPER

    Olexandr has an extensive professional experience in Smart Contract Development, Design, Testing. Olexandr specializes in developing a set of tools and parsing system for interacting with smart contracts, services for smart contracts generating and crypto-payment systems.

    Oleksandr improves his skills by participating in various conferences and seminars related to the blockchain, security, and cryptocurrencies.

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    Oleksandr Siniaiev


    Oleksander has a solid technical background in hardware and software development, profound experience in communication with clients from all around the world. All this track record at Illuminates allows him to figure out the client’s specific business tasks and provide optimal personalized solutions.

    Oleksander’s main goals are to provide perfect tools for client's success and build long-term relationships with them.

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    Sergey Mashuk

    Backend Team Lead

    Sergey is a confident PHP Developer with a strong knowledge and practical experience in software development. He shows good organizational, problem-solving and quick-learning skills.

    Sergey continues to master his skills participated in various PHP related conferences and workshops.

  • photo

    Elena Morozova

    Frontend Team lead

    Elena is an experienced Frontend Developer with over 3 years of the practical experience.

    She is responsible for the frontend development as well as for leading and mentoring the team.

    Elena has strong interpersonal and professional expertise that helps her and her team to deliver high-quality results.

  • photo

    Sergey Zhizhoma

    Project Manager

    Sergey is very confident with process management. Designing and rolling out new processes, refining and deploying existing ones.

    He shows good organizational, problem-solving and meeting management skills with a master's degree focused in Computer Science from Dnipropetrovsk National Mining University.

  • photo

    Dmitriy Koval


    Dmitriy is a confident Solidity Developer with a strong knowledge and practical experience in smart contract development.

    He shows good organizational, problem-solving and quick-learning skills.

    Dmitriy continues to master his skills participated in various blockchain and cryptocurrency related conferences and workshops.

  • photo

    Artyom Degtyar

    Backend Developer

    Artyom has an analytical mindset, structural thinking. These help him analyze existing client systems and develop ways to integrate a being created product and these systems.

  • photo

    Anton Prusov


    Anton is a talented JavaScript Developer with a good knowledge and practical experience in web development.

    He shows good development, problem-solving and quick-learning skills.

    Anton continues to evolve his skills participated in various Frontend related conferences and workshops.

  • photo

    Elena Petrusha


    Elena is a confident and experienced Designer with a strong knowledge in web UI/UX design.

    She shows good communication, problem-solving and quick-learning skills.

    Elena always improves her skills participated in various design-related conferences and workshops.

  • photo

    Dina Sychova


    Dina has extensive experience in sales, market and competitive conditions analysis.Communicative skills help her finds a common language with customers, and to solve challenges.

    Dina has a Bachelor Degree in specialty International law and more than three years background in Sales.

  • photo

    Julia Chigrinskaya

    Product Manager

    Julia has technical education and 3 years experience in active sales.

    Due to the experience, good analytical and communication skills, Julia can definitely choose the right strategy and solution of set tasks in the most optimal way. She is aimed at providing clients with best solutions.

  • photo

    Anastasia Novikova

    Product Manager

    Anastasia has a Master degree in Philology and a bachelor degree in Accounting and Auditing. She has strategic, analytical and creative thinking. This in generally helps her to solve problems quickly.

    She is familiar with business and has been working actively in Sales and Marketing. From summer 2018 involved in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

  • photo

    Julia Golenischeva

    Product Manager

    Julia is Product manager and Interpreter. She graduated KHPI, also courses for a Sales Manager.

    Julia has active sales skills. She uses English and German in her work.

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  • How do you help entrepreneurs implement their ideas?

    We provide specialized tools and a detailed instruction on how to launch crowdfunding campaign, implementing entire steps for your idea.

  • What will I have at the end of the program?

    Using all the advantages of the platform you can run your project from the idea stage to the stage of full implementation of a startup. By the end of the program you will receive investments with help of all the necessary elements: White paper, website, smart contract, MVP. You will be able to implement ideas and find executors to collaborate on projects, freelancers, advisors, designers, translators, etc.

  • What are the requirements for participation in your program?

    All participants on our platform have to pass KYC procedure to prove their identity. It is necessary to keep track of individual’s participation and ensure that we retain it even if user loses access to his account. This aimed to prevent fraud.

  • What is your difference from other cryptocurrency platforms?

    Illuminates is a transparent decentralized ecosystem.Our main difference from the other cryptocurrency fundraising platforms is that Illuminates gives you the unique opportunity to develop project from the scratch. Illuminates team has enough skills and experience to solve all your business problems, get help with development parts and support your startup at all stages!

  • What kind of businesses do you accept?

    Any project / type of business can be implemented through the Illuminates crypto-crowdfunding platform. For example, it could be a startup in the FinTech area or an initiative to open a cafe with cats.

  • How can I be sure that all actions are legal on your platform?

    All platform members who carry out any activity (Be it a Freelance, entrepreneurial activity) - must undergo a KYC procedure